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Saturday, January 12, 2013


I wanted a simple concept so I could get Thank yous out in a timely manner - but what a BUST!.  The gold is a glitter gold that is not reflected in this scan, the red is heat embossed and also very shiny - the problem came when I tried to cut out the center hole!  You can see that even though I stamped the wreath image close to the edge, the punch would not reach the center of the wreath - so I pulled out my Martha circle cutter... what a mess! I practiced several times first and then cut the circles... could not get it centered for the life of me, and after 3 or 4 cuts, I guess the blade was no longer sharp and would not give me a clean cut.  On some I kept making the hole larger and larger to try to get a clean, all the way thru cut  Heavy sigh.  I got a few good ones, and then changed my design to a whole new concept.  Not worth the effort!  Kiss that idea goodbye.

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  1. Did you stamp first and then did the circle? Maybe it would have been easier to do the circle first and then the stamping? I mean, this design is fab and it'd be shame to waste it!


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