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Sunday, December 23, 2018

... a Sisterhood of Stampers

On Sept 2nd, I posted a get well card for my brother and indicated that after he saw the card and had a good outcome, I would come back and explain... I am going to merely post a picture here so you can see his GReat outcome!  His goal was to be able to walk his property in Montana without pain... check out that good looking right foot!

John recently got another get well card from Dr. Amy Germaine, a professional colleague of his. John was excited to have another person in his life who makes handmade cards!  

He sent a picture of her card which I have posted [with permission] along with my email comments back to him...

Card by Dr. Amy Germaine
Hey John,
Amy had a great idea for a "Male Card" which usually generates great fear in the hearts of card makers!  Men are generally drawn to plain designs, no frou-frou, and definitely no pinks!  It is against every fiber in a girl's heart not to add ribbon or charms or lots of bling, a little glitter and frequently silly, big-headed images.
Amy has successfully walked that fine line of 'masculinity' with clean lines and a fairly sedate brown, grey & green color palate.  She managed to sneak in at least five layers including an embossed basket weave texture [again, masculine as opposed to a floral design].  And the element I especially like is the bow [careful Amy, don't go frou-frou here!] made of... Ta-da... heavy twine!  Cool!  If you have to have a bow on a "Male" card - make it a rough-tough woodsie material!  Well done Amy!
She doesn't know that I have, over the years, inoculated you against exposure to bling.  I do, however, confine it to a simple enclosure that contains the sequins, glitter and faux jewels so it won't accidentally get in your hair or on your clothes as you head out the door to an important meeting.  Heaven forbid!
Kudos to Amy and the Sisterhood of Crafty Stampers!
 Stamp wildly and color with abandon!


  1. Glad your brother is doing well! And what a great card that was sent to him!

  2. So glad your brother is doing great. Great photo and I love Montana.. Visit often. My daughter lives there only about 9 hours away from us.. Thanks for sharing your awesome photo and card by Dr. Amy. Yes masculine cards are an issues to me too.. Merry Christmas friend..


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