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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kit xChange to the rescue...

I have been stamping for 40 years and I have a 'RubberRoom' that is about 100 sq. feet [10' x 10'] - you can understand that I am constantly looking for ways to organize and utilize every square inch!
These are three ways I have tried to organize my thin Die Cuts... [left to right] a binder with magnetic sheets, a wire desk organizer and a box with magnetic sheets layered in it.
This is a close up of the wire basket... you can see it is a pain in the wazoo
 to find the die I want - or just to look thru them for an idea!
So here is the deal... there was a Scrapbooking Convention in Sacramento recently and at the Kit xChange booth I spotted the word "Organization" and stopped to talk to the very personable owner and designer, Alicia Klein. Her idea and product arose from a need to organize her jewelry, but the product has sooo many other possibilities!  As we exchanged ideas and I told her of my need to organize dies, Alicia graciously offered to set me up with a system to review.  
It has taken a while to start the organizational process - but I finally have some pictures to share with you:

Kit xChange System


This is what I came home with - a binder, three 'pages' of felt covered boards and two packages each of a set of medium and a set of large specially made bags - all designed by Alicia.  

Small bags
These bags have a zip seal to secure even tiny beads and Velcro melded into the tops that will adhere to the pages or the inside cover of the binder.  As you can see on the right, the bags will layer nicely, one right after another.  
I cut out the picture of the dies and the manufacturer from the original packaging to file with the die.  TIP: I could usually get two dies in each bag so that as you lift each bag you see the picture of the other die in the bag [pictured - two different 'Happy Birthday' dies in the same bag].
My system will be to label each row with subject matter: 'Sentiments', 'Shapes', 'Flora', 'Fauna', etc.

Large bags

I even started a row of rubber stamps and their coordinating dies.  The large bags were big enough to hold either sets of acrylic or fairly large red rubber stamps as in the cup cake seen on the right.

Add caption

If the binder doesn't work for you for reasons of space availability... you can take the individual pages out and attach them to a hanger or rod.  You have the front and back of the hanging boards to use and the hanger can be hung on a wall, in a closet or even over a door [my choice]!  

My opinion?  This system will work nicely for my smaller die cuts.  I am able to organize so many on this hanging board system and as you can see it takes up so very little room!  Also, it certainly appears that the hanging boards are strong enough to accommodate the weight of front and back covered with dies - and even to add another two pages hanging off the bottom!  
My only suggestion is that larger bags would be very useful.  My plan instead will be to use magnetic pages in the binder to store the larger [thin] dies.  

 I encourage you to go to the Kit xChange web site ASAP because there is a

Black Friday Sale
Nov 24 - 27, 2017

While you are there - check out the Travel Organizer Envelope 
[looks like a purse on a shoulder strap] if you want 
something to carry your current projects!

Create wildly and color with abandon!

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  1. Oh, that's interesting! And I liked the glimpse of your rubber room!!! I store mine in three drawers. Hugs to you!


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