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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Blast from the Past...

Ok, let me explain!  Sometime in the early 90's [???] I hung out with a bunch of women at a web site called GINGERWOOD, which is a still active  Bulletin Board format site devoted to Rubber Stamping.  We gals became pretty good friends and over the years we traveled to others homes to attend conventions or to hang out together and share "classes" of techniques with each other.  The owner of the site, Susie Wolfe, is to this day a dear friend with whom I stay in touch.  Ok, to the card... One day I came up with the idea of starting a "weird letter" [like a chain letter] with a basic card design and requesting the gals add something and send it on. Let me make it clear - chain letters are a pain in my backside... but this was a take off on the dreadful consequences of not following thru.  Here are the 'consequences' I used to threaten them for non-compliance:
"- One poor woman is still having nigtmares she is drowning in a sea of rubber.
- Another dropped her only quarter running toward the parking meter as the meter maid approached from the opposite direction!!
- And yet a third got a phone call that her husband had discovered her secret stash of rubber from a recent convention.  The one where she had assured him she had stuck to her budget! (SHUDDER!!)"  Pretty mild... but I didn't know them THAT well.

The base card was the 'wallpaper', the bathtub and the window with the hummingbirds.  I have enlarged three sections so you can see the details of what the 18 women added.  I know some of you are still out there - hope you find your contribution and it all brings back wonderful memories!

LOL!  I still get a giggle when I see this card!  Good friends - good times!


  1. LOL what a fun idea and so creative. I think I see a Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper image or two in there. So glad you shared this fun design.

  2. This is wonderful!!! A collage of everyone's feelings that day; what were they thinking about when they added their bit?! Great card and story, Ginny, thanks for sharing.

  3. Another stunning work of art Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos


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